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Adding eInvoicing capability to your software will help you retain and attract new customers, be ready for growing customer demand, and remain competitive.

Benefits for software providers

Icon of upward arrows and a group of people in a circleRetain and attract new customers

eInvoicing has significant benefits for your customers including cost and time savings when processing invoices, fraud prevention and boosting cashflow by getting paid faster.

By adding eInvoicing functionality you can retain existing customers and attract new customers improving market share. eInvoicing may even offer opportunities to create new revenue streams.

Icons of hands holding an 'e' sign.Meet customer demand for eInvoicing

Customer demand for eInvoicing enabled software is growing across New Zealand; from sole traders and small business to very large businesses and government agencies:

  • Central Government agencies have a target to receive 90% of supplier invoices as eInvoices by July 2026
  • A growing number of large Kiwi businesses and wider government organisations are choosing eInvoicing as a preferred way of sending and receiving eInvoices
  • A significant portion of New Zealand SMEs are already capable of sending and receiving eInvoices through their accounting software. This means your customers will be actively seeking out software solutions that offer eInvoicing capability.

Icon of three stylised people runningInvoicing is changing – stay competitive

Over time eInvoicing will be the way of sending and receiving business to business and government invoices in New Zealand. Just like payments have evolved from cheques to internet banking, so too is invoicing.

eInvoicing is more accurate than OCR and can reduce your costs and reliance on OCR technology over time.
Don’t get left behind. Now is the time to get your software eInvoicing capable.

More information on the benefits of eInvoicing

Deciding how to offer eInvoicing functionality

There are different ways to add eInvoicing functionality within your software. You can either:

  • Build eInvoicing into your product to offer native functionality, or
  • Offer customers the ability to send/receive eInvoices via an integration.

Contact us at for more information.

Connecting to the eInvoicing network

Connecting to the eInvoicing Peppol network is done via accredited access point providers.

To offer eInvoicing services you can:

  • arrange to work with an access point provider
  • be your own access point.

There is a common network approach (Peppol) across New Zealand and Australia that brings consistency in the way eInvoicing standards are incorporated into existing or new software products.

Find out more about the eInvoicing framework

Work with a third-party access point provider

You can connect to the eInvoicing network via an accredited access point provider. To do this you will

  • upgrade your software to be eInvoicing capable by incorporating the common data standards. or
  • keep your current data format and your access point provider converts the data and passes it through their gateway.

Discuss with your access point provider which option is most suitable for you.

List of Access Point Providers

Company Access point availability
B2BE NZ Pty(external link) Available for all
B2Brouter(external link) Available for all
Basware Corporation(external link) Available for all
Billit bv(external link) Available for all
Canon Business Services ANZ(external link) Available for all
CBS Corporate Business Solutions(external link) Available for all
Celtrino(external link) Available for all
CloudTrade(external link) Available for all
Comarch SA(external link) Available for all
Edicom Capital SL(external link) Available for all
Esker NZ(external link) Available for all
Havi Technology Pty Limited(external link) Available for all
Hitachi Energy(external link) (formerly ABB Power Grid) Available for all
HQEngine Pty Limited(external link) Available for all
IBM Limited(external link) Available for all
INPOSIA by Avalara(external link) Available for all
Link4(external link) Available for all
LUCA Plus(external link) Available for all
MessageXchange(external link) Available for all
Open Text New Zealand Limited(external link) Available for all
Ozedi Holding Pty Limited(external link) Available for all
Pacific Commerce(external link) Available for all
Pagero AB(external link) Available for all
Payreq Pty Limited(external link) Available for all
Power Business Services Limited(external link) Available for all
Sandfield Associates Limited (Crossfire)(external link) Available for all
Saphety(external link) Available for all
SAP SE(external link) Available to existing customers
Spend Console(external link) Available for all
SNI Teknoloji Hizmetleri AS(external link) Available for all
Storecove(external link) Available for all
Tickstar from Xero(external link) Available for all
TIE Kinetix(external link) Available for all
Tradeshift Belgium S.A(external link) Available for all
Tranzsoft Group Limited(external link) Available for all
Unifiedpost Group(external link) Available for all
Valta Tech(external link) Available for all
Xaana Pty Limited(external link) Available for all
Xero(external link) Available to existing customers

Or be your own access point

To do this you need to complete the New Zealand (NZ) Peppol Authority accreditation process. You'll then be published on our eInvoicing accredited access point providers list.

You can also choose to be recognised by the Australian Peppol Authority as an accredited Australian access point provider.

Find out more about becoming an Access Point provider

Apply to be on our list of software providers

Once you’ve developed eInvoicing capability and want to be listed on this website, check you meet the eInvoicing Ready criteria and submit your application.

This list will help businesses and Government agencies find eInvoicing solutions that meet their invoicing needs and those that also meet industry best practice.

Once you’ve been approved, we’ll provide you with an ‘eInvoicing ready software product’ badge for use on your website and communication material. This will give your software users confidence in your eInvoicing functionality.

NZ Peppol eInvoicing Ready criteria

eInvoicing Ready software products are end-user products that have the capability to send or receive invoices via an Australian or New Zealand accredited access point that meets the A-NZ Peppol BIS 3.0.

A-NZ Peppol BIS 3.0 standard page(external link) — GitHub

We recommend that in addition to the mandatory Peppol eInvoice requirements, your product can also send the data fields outlined in the link below:

A-NZ Industry Practice Statement (invoice content)(external link) — GitHub

  1. Invoice payment due date
  2. Supplier GST identifier
  3. Supplier contact details
  4. Payee Financial account
  5. Payment remittance information
  6. Additional description
  7. Reference number
  8. Document attachments

Industry Practice Statement – Invoice Content: Download page(external link) — GitHub

These best practice guidelines have been developed in consultation with industry to provide guidance on additional invoice fields/data that can assist in smoother invoice processing for larger organisations when receiving eInvoices.

Steps to become an eInvoicing Ready product

The steps an eInvoicing Ready software product will complete before being listed on the eInvoicing product register are outlined below:

  1. Submit an eInvoicing Ready application
  2. Due diligence checks completed 
  3. Provision of screenshots and product demonstration (for send products only)
  4. Product register website listing

The eInvoicing Ready software products will have a 12-month validity on their status with products being reviewed annually to maintain eInvoicing Ready status.

eInvoicing enabled software providers

1. Submit an eInvoicing Ready application

Submit application by:

NZ eInvoicing Ready application form [PDF, 389 KB]

In instances where the information provided is insufficient, we will ask you to supplement your application with additional evidence.

We will endeavour to respond to your submission within 5 business days.

2. Due diligence checks completed

To protect the interests of end-users and the other service providers operating in the network, we will use the information provided in the application form to conduct a few due diligence checks.

The due diligence checks include:

  • confirmation the entity providing the service is a registered business
  • confirmation the entity providing the service is not insolvent
  • confirmation the entity’s senior office holders are not banned, disqualified or bankrupt

3. Provision of screenshots and product demonstration

Provide screenshots from your user interface or other supporting documentation to show that your product can send and/or receive eInvoices.

After reviewing the screenshots and upon receiving any additional information requested, we will invite you to a short product demonstration session with us.

4. Product register website listing

Upon successful completion of the eInvoicing Ready steps we will notify you and include your product on our eInvoicing Ready product register.

eInvoicing enabled software providers

Contact us

If you have questions about developing eInvoicing functionality or being listed on the eInvoicing website, contact us at:

Last updated: 10 July 2023