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22,174 New Zealand businesses are registered to receive eInvoices and growing every month

New Zealand businesses are registered to receive eInvoices and growing every month

eInvoicing is the direct exchange of data between any 2 accounting systems, that makes doing business smoother, faster and safer. With less manual handling and processing, it can reduce admin, errors and delays – and help speed up processing and payment, to improve business cash flow.

Some of our most well-known businesses are getting on board, like Spark, Bunnings, Countdown, Westpac, Office Max and KPMG. They’re seeing big changes - both in their internal efficiencies, and for their partners and suppliers.

Enabling eInvoicing through your software may be a few simple steps.

So make sure your business shares the benefit! You’ll find all you need to get started, right here.

Are you or your trading partners registered? Check the list below.

New Zealand businesses registered to receive eInvoices [XLSX, 16 MB]

Latest eInvoicing statistics

Getting started: Small & medium business

On most small business and accounting software packages, updating to eInvoicing is simple, and free. You'll find the steps you need to take, and a list of free providers and packages, right here.

Small & medium businesses
e-Invoicing for small and medium businesses

Large business & government

The New Zealand government is committed to delivering eInvoicing - with Central Government agencies required to be capable of receiving eInvoices by 31 March 2022. As receivers of large volumes of invoices, large businesses can generate significant savings through reduced processing costs. eInvoicing can also reduce administrative delays & issues, improve trading relationships, and reduce the potential for fraud.

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e-Invoicing for large businesses and government

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