Apply to be listed as an eInvoicing ready software product

Once you’ve developed eInvoicing capability and want to be listed on this website, check you meet the eInvoicing Ready criteria and submit your application.

This list will help businesses and Government agencies find eInvoicing solutions that meet their invoicing needs and those that also meet industry best practice.

Once you’ve been approved, we’ll provide you with an ‘eInvoicing ready software product’ badge for use on your website and communication material. This will give your software users confidence in your eInvoicing functionality.

NZ Peppol eInvoicing Ready criteria

eInvoicing Ready software products are end-user products that have the capability to send or receive invoices via an Australian or New Zealand accredited access point that meets the A-NZ Peppol BIS 3.0.

We recommend that in addition to the mandatory Peppol eInvoice requirements, your product can also send the data fields outlined in the link below:

  1. Invoice payment due date
  2. Supplier GST identifier
  3. Supplier contact details
  4. Payee Financial account
  5. Payment remittance information
  6. Additional description
  7. Reference number
  8. Document attachments

These best practice guidelines have been developed in consultation with industry to provide guidance on additional invoice fields/data that can assist in smoother invoice processing for larger organisations when receiving eInvoices.

A-NZ Peppol BIS 3.0 standard(external link) — GitHub

A-NZ Industry Practice Statement (invoice content)(external link) — GitHub

Industry Practice Statement – Invoice content download page(external link) — GitHub

Steps to become an eInvoicing Ready product

The steps an eInvoicing Ready software product will complete before being listed on the eInvoicing product register are outlined below:

  1. Submit an eInvoicing Ready application
  2. Due diligence checks completed 
  3. Provision of screenshots and product demonstration (for send products only)
  4. Product register website listing

The eInvoicing Ready software products will have a 12-month validity on their status with products being reviewed annually to maintain eInvoicing Ready status.

eInvoicing ready software products

1. Submit an eInvoicing Ready application

Submit an to be an NZ eInvoicing Ready Software application either by:

  • Completing the electronic application form

    Note: The electronic application requires users to have/create a RealMe account. In the case that an applicant doesn’t have a RealMe account (international applications, etc.), a new account can be created with an email address.

  • Completing the NZ eInvoicing Ready Application Form and submitting it to

In instances where the information provided is insufficient, we will ask you to supplement your application with additional evidence.

We will endeavour to respond to your submission within 5 business days.

NZ eInvoicing Ready electronic application form(external link) — Business Connect
(RealMe login required)

NZ eInvoicing Ready application form [PDF, 389 KB]

2. Due diligence checks completed

To protect the interests of end-users and the other service providers operating in the network, we will use the information provided in the application form to conduct a few due diligence checks.

The due diligence checks include:

  • confirmation the entity providing the service is a registered business
  • confirmation the entity providing the service is not insolvent
  • confirmation the entity’s senior office holders are not banned, disqualified or bankrupt.

3. Provision of screenshots and product demonstration

Provide screenshots from your user interface or other supporting documentation to show that your product can send and/or receive eInvoices.

After reviewing the screenshots and upon receiving any additional information requested, we will invite you to a short product demonstration session with us.

4. Product register website listing

Upon successful completion of the eInvoicing Ready steps we will notify you and include your product on our eInvoicing Ready product register.

eInvoicing ready software products

Contact us

If you have questions about developing eInvoicing functionality or being listed on the eInvoicing website, contact us at