Guide to becoming an Access Point provider

This page describes the process and requirements that a service provider must complete to become a New Zealand Peppol accredited provider of Access Point (AP) and/or Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) services.


The Peppol Framework sets out the standards and organisational interoperability requirements for providers of AP and/or SMP services under the Peppol eDelivery network. With such a high level of interdependency of participants across the Peppol eDelivery Network, interoperability is critical.

The New Zealand Peppol Authority has implemented this accreditation process to:

  • ensure service providers have the technical capability and compatibility required to operate within the network, in accordance with the Peppol Framework
  • help maintain the reliability and stability of the network’s operations
  • manage risks which might damage the reputation of, and/or trust in, the network.

New Zealand accreditation process

All service providers must follow a simple 3 step process to be accredited by the New Zealand Peppol Authority.

This process is as follows:

  1. Complete an expression of interest.
  2. Complete the accreditation pack.
  3. Complete testing requirements.

The time required to complete this process is dependent on the readiness of the individual service provider seeking accreditation.

New Zealand based Access Point providers

Your accreditation to use the Peppol e-Delivery network requires the New Zealand Peppol Authority to review your organisation’s:

  1. financial position
  2. insurance policies
  3. leadership credibility, and
  4. online presence.

You'll also need to provide information about your organisation’s technical infrastructure and security processes.

Established Access Point providers

If your organisation is already operating on the Peppol network, we will engage with your domain’s local Peppol Authority to determine your eligibility for New Zealand accreditation.

You'll still need to complete some sections of the accreditation pack and complete New Zealand interoperability testing.

Australian-accredited Access Point providers

Peppol network providers accredited by the Australian Peppol Authority can get mutual accreditation by the New Zealand Peppol Authority. They only need to sign the New Zealand Annexes 1 and 5, the New Zealand Privacy Statement and the eInvoicing Website Details Form.

What’s involved in the accreditation process?

Join OpenPeppol

OpenPeppol membership is mandatory for all service providers who intend to offer Access Point (AP) and/or Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) services within the Peppol network. Prior to applying for OpenPeppol membership, please ensure you are fully aware of your responsibilities as a New Zealand Peppol service provider by reviewing the requirements outlined on the OpenPeppol website and within the Annex documents provided in the accreditation pack.

Join OpenPeppol(external link) — Peppol

Complete an expression of interest

Your organisation can express its interest in becoming a New Zealand accredited service provider by emailing and outlining:

  • your organisation name
  • whether you intend to provide AP and/or SMP services, and
  • what experience your organisation has with eInvoicing or electronic document transfer.

In lodging this email, you formally begin the accreditation process.

Complete the accreditation pack

The accreditation pack is contained in a .ZIP download which will be sent to you after the NZ Peppol Authority receives your expression on interest.

You will need to complete and return this documentation, as well as any other information required to support your application.

Once you have completed all the documentation, please ZIP up your pack and email it to the New Zealand Peppol Authority with.

Subject: [Organisation name] - completed accreditation pack

Please avoid submitting incomplete packs, as this will delay the accreditation process

Accreditation checklist

Activity Applicable to
Complete Expression of Interest All SPs
Sign the Service Provider agreement New SPs
Complete a Criminal Conviction History form for Company Directors and/or Responsible Officer(s). Include the appropriate form of ID New SPs
Complete the security questionnaire New SPs, Established SPs
Complete the website information form All SPs
Include a copy of your indemnity insurance policy New SPs, Established SPs
Sign the privacy statement New SPs, Established SPs

Table key

New SP = service providers that are not yet accredited with any Peppol Authority.

Australian accredited SP = any service provider that has received accreditation in Australia. This may include Australian based or international service providers.

Established SP = service providers accredited with another Peppol authority (but not Australia).

Testing requirements

There are 3 stages of testing required to complete the accreditation process:

  1. Using the test network for unit testing in your own environment.
  2. OpenPeppol testbed (Access Point Provider only).
  3. Interoperability testing.

Collecting your Test PKI Certificate

You will receive instructions on how to obtain your Test PKI Certificate when you become a member of OpenPeppol. This certificate allows you to operate on the test network, and will enable you to complete the required interoperability testing.

Be sure to download your test certificate within ten days

Certificates not downloaded within this timeframe will expire and you will need to raise a request with OpenPeppol to have the certificate renewed.

OpenPeppol acceptance testing (Access Point Providers only)

Once you have completed unit testing in your own environment you can commence acceptance testing in the OpenPeppol central test bed. This formally tests your access point’s compliance with the Peppol eDelivery Network specifications.

Successful completion of acceptance testing is a pre-requisite for interoperability testing.

Acceptance testing is completed with the Test PKI Certificate and involves:

  • verification of the service provider's certificates (both the Peppol and Security (TLS) certificate)
  • validation of the service provider's ability to send/receive business documents to/from the Test Access Point
  • generation of an acknowledgment for the documents sent.

Upon completion of acceptance testing, you must provide your results to OpenPeppol for verification. OpenPeppol will notify the New Zealand Peppol Authority once successful acceptance testing is complete.

Please note that currently there is no testbed for SMP acceptance testing.

Interoperability testing

The New Zealand Peppol Authority will facilitate an Interoperability Test with an existing Peppol Access Point Provider. This is to confirm the service provider:

  • is able to establish compatibility with another Australian or New Zealand Peppol Access Point
  • conforms with local BIS requirements.

To complete interoperable testing, you will be provided with a set of test files which your access point will need to process to identify which files are valid, and which are invalid. If you are ready for interoperability testing and require testing files, please contact us at

Collecting your Production PKI Certificate

Once accredited, you can request your Production PKI Certificate. The Production PKI Certificate allows you to begin transacting within the Peppol network.

The Production PKI Certificate is requested via the OpenPeppol Jira Service Desk portal by selecting ‘PKI Certificate Request’ and completing the certificate request form.

OpenPeppol Jira Service Desk portal(external link) — JIRA service management

OpenPeppol will review your request and verify your OpenPeppol membership status. If any membership fees are outstanding, you will be asked to pay these before the request will be processed. OpenPeppol will then assign the production certificate request to the New Zealand Peppol Authority for final approval.

You will be notified by email once your PKI certificate has been granted.

Be sure to download your test certificates within ten days

Certificates not downloaded within this timeframe will expire and you will need to raise a request with OpenPeppol to have the certificate renewed


If your organisation requires assistance during the accreditation process, please contact us at