eInvoicing Access Point providers

Access Point providers are secure gateways that connect businesses and software to the eInvoicing network.

All Peppol Service Providers listed on this register have met the Peppol requirements around network governance and security. This includes accreditation with the New Zealand Peppol Authority or through mutual accreditation with the Australian Taxation Office.

Be your own Access Point

To do this you need to complete the New Zealand (NZ) Peppol Authority accreditation process. You'll then be published on our eInvoicing accredited access point providers list.

You can also choose to be recognised by the Australian Peppol Authority as an accredited Australian access point provider.

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Access Point provider list

Partner or supplier on-boarding Portal solution Reporting or monitoring dashboards System integration support White labelling.

Product Solution overview and implementation case study
B2BE NZ Pty(external link)
B2Brouter(external link) B2Brouter is a tool accessible to everybody, from self-employed individuals to large companies.

Case study:
B2Brouter use cases(external link) — B2Brouter
Basware Corporation(external link) Basware has been at the forefront of developing e-invoicing and e-procurement solutions, and continuously keeps track of the latest local requirements on a global scale.
Billit bv(external link) Billit is a global online invoicing platform.
Canon Business Services ANZ(external link) Canon Business Services have been successfully implementing Accounts Payable solutions across Australia and New Zealand since 2004.
CBS Corporate Business Solutions(external link) CBS E-invoice world cloud solution is your secure “one stop compliance solution” with complete SAP integration and holistic project and support services
CloudTrade(external link) Data capture solution, whereby we receive business documents, extract information, enrich where necessary and post to the recipient.
Comarch SA(external link) Comarch e-lnvoicing is a comprehensive product that both streamlines and automates all of your AP/AR invoicing processes, enabling a secure and highly efficient document exchange with your clients.
Crossfire (Sandfield Associates Limited)(external link) Crossfire by Sandfield is a registered PEPPOL Service Provider and Access Point. Crossfire takes care of the entire integration process including implementation, go-live, monitoring, hosting and support.
Edicom Capital SL(external link) Edicom is a global EDI and eInvoicing SaaS provider with its headquarters in Europe (Spain).

Case study:
Edicom business case(external link) — Edicom
Esker NZ(external link) Esker is a worldwide leader in AI-driven process automation software, helping financial and customer service departments digitally transform their procure-to-pay (P2P) and order-to-cash (O2C) cycles.
Havi Technology Pty Limited(external link) We can connect your ERP to a single, standard system for e-invoicing and paying in one format. This makes invoicing simpler for you and it makes payments simpler for your customers.
Hitachi Energy (formerly ABB Power Grid)(external link) The Axis Cloud Collaboration Platform provides electronic solutions for supply chain procure-to-pay, contractor work management and electronic catalogue.
HQEngine Pty Limited(external link) HQEngine is an Australian independent specialist company offering Digital Spend Management and eInvoicing solutions and services operating our own ATO certified PEPPOL Access Point.
IBM Limited(external link) IBM Peppol is a configurable option of IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network, a trusted, scalable business-to-business network that helps automate and orchestrate your supply chain processes.
INPOSIA by Avalara(external link) INPOSIA as a PEPPOL access point connects you to the OpenPEPPOL network, including Australia and New Zealand, and exchanges data securely.
Link4(external link) Link4 is an experienced, Australian-owned, and operated eInvoicing provider that offers an award-winning, Peppol certified, Procure-to-Pay Access Point solution.

Case study:
Link4 case study [PDF 3.39 MB](external link) — Link4
LUCA Plus(external link)
MessageXchange(external link) MessageXchange is a multi-tenanted cloud B2B/B2G/G2G integration service. Our functionality enables our clients to become Peppol e-invoicing enabled and beyond.

Case study:
MessageXchange case studies(external link) — MessageXchange
Open Text New Zealand Limited(external link) OpenText is an experienced global Peppol provider; we are an Access Point, a technology provider, and a subject matter expert.
OZEDI Holding Pty Limited(external link) OZEDI is proud to be a market leading accredited Peppol Access Point for eInvoicing in Australia and New Zealand.

Case study:
OZEDI's Assurity Consulting e-Invoicing solution | Case Study(external link) — OZEDI
Pacific Commerce(external link) Pacific Commerce is a long-standing Alliance Partner of GS1 Australia, GS1 New Zealand and GS1 Malaysia.
Pagero AB(external link) Pagero is a leading global eInvoicing provider, working with key NZ companies and government departments to ensure compliance and financial process automation

Case studies:
Atherton case study(external link) — Pagero AB

Hewlett Packard case study(external link) — Pagero AB
Payreq Pty Limited(external link)
Power Business Services Limited(external link)
Saphety(external link) Sovos Saphety is a leading company in solutions for electronic documents exchange and electronic invoicing amongst companies. Currently, our client portfolio has over 10,000 companies and over 190 thousand users throughout 52 countries. We help businesses, companies and corporations on the exchange and alignment of business information and to be tax compliant.
SAP SE(external link) SAP Document and Reporting Compliance, cloud edition is our leading-edge cloud eInvoicing solution that can co-exist and extend upon your current SAP ERP systems without major process disruptions.

Only available to existing customers.
SpendConsole(external link) SpendConsole is a proven AI-Powered, PEPPOL enabled AP Automation solution - offering business guaranteed outcomes with its multi-channel Supplier portal, Intelligent Invoice Validation and Robust Integration features.

Case study:
TAFE NSW(external link)  — SpendConsole
SNI Teknoloji Hizmetleri AS(external link) SNI’s SAP AU-NZ e-Invoicing solution is an SAP add-on for creating and exchanging electronic invoices between trade partners, including public entities, organizations, and individuals.
Storecove(external link) Send e-invoices from anywhere to anywhere. Peppol Access Point, DBNAlliance Access Point, Cross-Border E-invoicing, CTC Compliance, RESTful JSON API.

Case studies:
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet(external link) — Storecove

xSuite(external link) — Storecove

Use Cases | Global E-invoicing & Compliance(external link) — Storecove
Tickstar from Xero(external link) We are NZ’s most popular provider with over 90% of all NZBNs registered for eInvoicing using Tickstar. We support Xero, NZ’s largest telco, largest IT solutions provider and all businesses using Xero
SPS Commerce(external link)
(Formerly TIE Kinetix)
At SPS Commerce, we help companies of all sizes achieve their digitalization goals. Our cloud-native FLOW Partner Automation platform is designed to completely eliminate paper from the supply chain.

Case study:
Our customers(external link) — SPS Commerce
Tradeshift Belgium S.A(external link) Tradeshift is a market leader in e-invoicing and accounts payable automation and an innovator in supplier financing and B2B marketplaces.
Tranzsoft Group Limited(external link) Tranzsoft Group is a leading developer of software technology designed to improve business.
Tungsten Automation UK Limited(external link) Tungsten e-invoice Connect (FKA) Kofax Invoice Portal is an online solution with a global electronic invoicing exchange network, that enables organizations to securely share invoice data electronically by placing it directly into ERP systems. Tungsten e-invoice Connect helps both AP and AR teams streamline and digitize manual invoicing processes.
The following value add services are available: 
  • Partner or supplier on-boarding
  • Portal solution
  • Reporting or monitoring dashboards
  • System integration support
  • White labelling.
Unifiedpost Group(external link) At Unifiedpost Group, our mission is to make business easy and smart by helping organisations build strong digital connections with their customers and suppliers.
Valta Tech(external link) Our Peppol Access Point solution helps businesses and technology providers to seamlessly get connected to the Peppol network and enable automation in their Accounts Receivable and Payable processes.

Case study:
Valta Tech case studies(external link) — Valta Tech
Xaana Pty Limited(external link) Xaana’s Turium Enigma 2.0 offers a comprehensive Inteligent Invoice Automation solution with an AI-driven eInvoice connector and OCR scanning for AP, AR, Purchase orders and contracts management.
Xero(external link) Available in-product, free of charge for Xero customers with Business Edition subscriptions.

For non-Xero Customers including Enterprise or software providers, refer to Tickstar from Xero Access Point
Xtracta Limited(external link) Xtracta provides a turnkey solution for document data extraction and e-invoicing. Designed for tight integration into all types of ERP, accounting and other business software systems, Xtracta provides a scalable way to offer document data extraction and e-invoicing inside of any software.
Last updated: 31 May 2024