Advice for government agencies

This page contains eInvoicing information and resources specific to government organisations.

The New Zealand Government backs eInvoicing

In March 2024, the New Zealand Government repealed the Business Payments Practices Act 2023 and proposed to ramp up eInvoicing. The proposal demonstrates their confidence and commitment in eInvoicing.

Stronger requirements for eInvoicing in New Zealand

In February 2024 the Government announced its intention to ramp up eInvoicing adoption with government and businesses.

Government proposing stronger requirements for eInvoicing in New Zealand

Getting setup for eInvoicing

Getting set up will depend on your organisation’s size and financial system’s complexity. For those that may need an Access Point Provider to connect with the eInvoicing network, using a provider on the Government open syndicated agreement may simplify and shorten the procurement process.

Once you’re set up, there are additional resources to assist with eInvoicing that are exclusive to government agencies.

Government open syndicated agreement

If your organisation uses a platform that requires an Access Point Provider, the syndicated panel is your starting point. 

Government open syndicated agreement: PEPPOL capabilities and associated services(external link) — New Zealand Government Procurement

List of Government agencies eInvoicing

A list of government agencies able to receive eInvoices is available to suppliers to government. This is updated monthly. Get in touch if your government organisation is not on list but is able to receive eInvoices.

Government agencies' New Zealand Business Numbers and eInvoicing status

List of suppliers sending eInvoices to government

Available upon request is a list of suppliers actively sending eInvoices to government, updated monthly.

The completeness of this list depends on government agencies providing us with any new suppliers they’ve started receiving eInvoices from – so get in touch!

Supplier data matching service

With thousands of businesses registered for eInvoicing, and growing every month, this service will match your list of suppliers with organisations who can send you eInvoices now. We will cross reference your data to the Peppol eInvoicing Directory and the list of active eInvoice senders to government.

Send your list of active suppliers to:

Procure to Pay Community of Practice (P2P CoP)

The P2P CoP is attended by representatives from about 20 Central Government Agencies. The meetings are for discussion on eInvoicing progress and sharing of challenges. The MBIE eInvoicing team shares any current affairs along with tips and tools to get more value out of your investment in eInvoicing.

If you want to join us at the next P2P CoP, contact

Last updated: 15 May 2024