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MBIE has the responsibility of overseeing New Zealand’s eInvoicing framework.

Who we are

Michael Alp

Michael Alp.

Chief Operating Officer, MBIE

Michael is the sponsor of the initiative to establish and grow eInvoicing in New Zealand. He also leads the Corporate Services and Financial Enablement group. The group handles all financial functions within the Ministry, which includes procurement, assurance, enterprise risk and the establishment of eInvoicing for New Zealand.

Michael has held several management roles at MBIE since joining in 2016.

Michael has previously held senior leadership positions in the private sector with a focus on strategic commercial management. Before joining MBIE, Michael managed the Property and Procurement functions for the New Zealand Racing Board and its TAB retail network.

Alan Carnaby

Portrait of Alan Carnaby.

Head of Commercial Projects and Business Adoption

Alan leads the eInvoicing adoption team at MBIE, working to grow the network across New Zealand. His team is responsible for engaging with key eInvoicing industry leaders, including Software Providers, Large Businesses and Government Agencies, to motivate and enable eInvoicing growth. 

Alan is passionate about helping New Zealanders work smarter with technology empowerment, and his career prior to joining the team reflects this. With over 13 years of private sector experience working in international marketing and partnership roles, Alan has the knowledge and skills required to drive business growth for technology and service organisations.

When Alan’s not at the office, you’ll find him outdoors running, biking and adventuring – in between juggling dad and family duties.

Lisa Moore

Portrait of Lisa Moore.

Head of Commercial Operations and Assurance

Lisa leads the Commercial Operations and Assurance team at MBIE which includes the New Zealand Peppol Authority as well as operational services and support in relation to invoice processing at MBIE. Lisa joined MBIE in 2015 and has held various roles in this time. Her experience includes roles in finance, operations, stakeholder engagement, business process, compliance, and procurement.

She has a strong interest in business process and systems and enjoys using her broad skill set to make the best use of technology to drive efficiencies and improve the customer experience.

Outside of work she loves to spend time in the garden and is also completing some studies in cosmetic chemistry.

Lisa Ringleff

Lisa Ringleff (She/Her)

Manager, eInvoicing Adoption

Lisa establishes and leads strategic partnerships in the technology sector for eInvoicing. She has been involved with eInvoicing since 2021 and is passionate about enabling positive impact through digital transformation.

Prior to eInvoicing Lisa worked across strategy, change and project management in the public and private sectors. This included roles for large organisations including Auckland Council, Air New Zealand and Beca, and with a start-up in the Adobe, Google and Xero software ecosystems. She earned a MicroMasters qualification in Digital Transformation Leadership from Boston University Business School.

Roshan Pandey

Roshan Pandey (He/him)

Senior Relationship Manager, Large Business

Roshan is a highly experienced Senior Relationship Manager in the eInvoicing team at MBIE, where he specialises in fostering strong partnerships with large businesses in New Zealand.

With a solid foundation in the Finance and Banking industry, Roshan brings a robust commercial acumen to his role. Notably, he played a pivotal role in establishing contactless payment channels for businesses during the challenging times of Covid-19 while working at Westpac NZ.

Roshan is widely recognised for his unwavering determination and ability to consistently deliver outstanding results.

Andrew Cooke

Andrew Cooke (He/Him)

Manager Product Standards and Government

Andrew is the Product Manager for MBIE’s eInvoicing team. He has been driving the adoption and uptake of eInvoicing in New Zealand in this role since the team was formed in mid-2020.

Prior to this, Andrew’s 25-year career has had a strong focus on finance and finance systems, working in multiple disciplines including accounting, project management and change management. One of his recent successes was delivering an accounts payable automation project for the Ministry of Justice.

Andrew is passionate about eInvoicing and promoting standardised digital solutions to gain efficiencies in back-office processes.

Linda More

Linda More

Manager Marketing and Communications

Linda is the Marketing and Communications Manager for MBIE’s eInvoicing team. She has been promoting the adoption and uptake of eInvoicing in New Zealand since February 2021.

Encouraging the use of digital tools across New Zealand has been a common theme of Linda’s marketing and communications career – in both the banking and government sectors.

Linda is passionate about helping NZ businesses of all sizes reap the benefits of eInvoicing.

Lisa Archbold

Manager Technology eInvoicing

Lisa is the Manager of Technology on the eInvoicing team. Lisa works with a number of stakeholders around the technical aspects of eInvoicing and oversees the NZ Peppol Authority.

She has a strong background in the ERP, consulting, and finance space and enjoys drawing on this experience to guide organisations and providers through their einvoicing journey in the most seamless way possible.

Lisa is an avid animal lover and works with local cat rescue organisations. She also has a passion for renovating.

Eddy Horwood

Eddy Horwood

Promotion and Support Advisor

Eddy’s role as Promotion and Support Advisor has him doing a wide range of tasks across an equally broad spectrum of projects.

While Eddy studied Computer Science at university, he quickly found a passion and aptitude for more business-centric work. Prior to starting his role within the eInvoicing adoption team, Eddy was living and working in Taiwan, where he managed Business Development for a small Italian engineering firm.

Outside of work you’ll find Eddy playing guitar or obsessively planning his next bout of overseas travel.  

Last updated: 01 March 2024