eInvoicing growth metrics

The latest eInvoicing statistics for April 2024.

eInvoicing dashboard graphic. eInvoicing statistics for April 2024. Full descriptive breakdown of each chart below.

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  • The volume of eInvoices received continues to grow month on month. This is in part due to several high invoice volume suppliers to government sending eInvoices to more agencies. More high volume suppliers to government are on track to start sending eInvoices in the coming months.

  • eInvoicing registrations continue to increase steadily with 375 entities registering for eInvoicing in April 2024.

  • An event for private sector Chief Financial Officers was hosted in April 2024. It was attended by the Minister for Small Business and Manufacturing, Andrew Bayly and 23 members from New Zealand’s largest and most influential businesses. Members discussed opportunities to work together on private sector leadership and growing eInvoicing.

  • We published 4 new case studies on the eInvoicing website to showcase eInvoicing implementation and adoption journeys.

Businesses registered (monthly cumulative)

Chart image showing Businesses registered from December 2022 to April 2024. Full chart description and data table found below.
  • New businesses registered: 21,463 (+375)
  • Month-on-month growth: 1.8%

eInvoices received (monthly)

Chart image showing monthly eInvoices received from June 2023 to April 2024. Full chart description and table data found below.
  • Received this month: 7,796 (+535) +7%
  • Active senders: 558 (+16) +3%
  • Cumulative eInvoices received: 73,865

Central government agencies and businesses registered to receive eInvoices

Infographic showing the number of central government agencies and businesses registered to receive eInvoices. Full infographic description and data below.
Last updated: 28 May 2024