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e-Invoicing enabled software providers

We take all reasonable care to ensure this list is accurate, but changes can occur post-publish. We’ll add to this list as more e-Invoicing enabled software providers become available.

Free e-Invoicing enabled software providers

Getting on these lists

If you wish to be published on either of the lists above you must meet the Peppol e-Invoicing Ready criteria. This will help businesses and Government agencies find industry practice software solutions that meet their invoicing needs while also meeting industry best practice.

For more information download Peppol e-Invoicing Ready.

Peppol e-Invoicing Ready [DOCX, 44 KB]

Please email providing evidence you have met the criteria outlined in the document above.

Benefits of e-Invoicing for software providers

You can increase your clients by offering e-Invoicing that they can use locally or internationally.

You’ll need to connect with an accredited access point provider to offer this, or you can get your own accreditation and show your clients that you've met the requirements and are approved to operate directly in the e-Invoicing network.

Find out more about the e-Invoicing framework (Peppol).

The common approach across New Zealand and Australia will bring consistency in the way e-Invoicing standards are incorporated into existing or new software products.

Getting started

To offer e-Invoicing services you can:

Work with a third-party access point provider

To do this you can:

  • upgrade your software to incorporate the common data standards and pass the data through the access point provider’s gateway, or
  • keep your current data format and your access point provider converts the data and passes it through their gateway.

Be your own access point

To do this you need to complete the New Zealand (NZ) Peppol Authority accreditation process. You'll then be published on our e-Invoicing accredited access point providers list.

You can also choose to be recognised by the Australian Peppol Authority as an accredited Australian access point provider.

For more information see:

Last updated: 01 September 2021