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Find out more on how New Zealand businesses are realising the benefits from implementing eInvoicing.

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MBIE proves value of eInvoicing by paying their suppliers faster

The government agency rolling out eInvoicing to the New Zealand business community is leading the way. The Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is getting its suppliers on board and showing them how much it can speed up payments.

Bookkeeper doesn’t miss deciphering invoices

No more headaches chasing up clients about confusing invoices.

That’s what bookkeeper and tax agent Stella Vockins most enjoys about using eInvoicing for her Manawatu business Count Me In Ltd.

eInvoicing a “no-brainer” for sole-trader accountant

Using eInvoicing has been a revelation for sole-trader accountant Mike Higgins in how much time and hassle he can save in his own business and for his clients.

Acume’s path to becoming a provider of hassle-free eInvoicing

Financial solutions specialist Acume wanted to provide an easy way for businesses of all sizes to benefit from eInvoicing.

Behind Westpac's latest step

During 2020’s COVID19 lockdown, Westpac wanted to boost the cashflow of NZ’s SME businesses - by paying them faster.

KPMG: one of the first movers to Government’s new invoicing channel

KPMG uses eInvoicing with MBIE as they explore using the technology wider.

Adopting eInvoicing: A SME business view

Working with government to help promote the benefits of eInvoicing, motivated three Wellington businesses to adopt it themselves.

Last updated: 24 May 2022