KPMG: one of the first movers to Government’s new invoicing channel

KPMG uses eInvoicing with MBIE as they explore using the technology wider.

KPMG and eInvoicing logos

The situation

In late 2021 the New Zealand Government notified suppliers of their commitment to receive eInvoices from their suppliers from April 2022 onwards.

The Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment sought suppliers willing to become early adopters of the new preferred channel of eInvoicing. As an important supplier to many Government agencies, KPMG put their hand up to be one of the first movers.

The solution

Working with their current supplier of their vendor invoicing system, KPMG was set up with eInvoicing capabilities in late 2021 and immediately tested the technology with MBIE.

Impressed by the easy set up involved in sending eInvoices, KPMG has plans to add a one-click eInvoice option and effectively have their ERP system ‘talk’ with the eInvoicing system and send eInvoices out instantly to their customers.

The adoption of new Peppol standards-based eInvoicing technology provides an attractive incentive for KPMG to lead the way in eInvoicing (instead of PDF invoices). They’re now looking to gradually roll out sending of eInvoices to all their Government agencies and other willing business customers who have the ‘receiving’ eInvoicing capability.

KPMG also has the option to receive eInvoices from their own suppliers, a functionality they plan to implement in the future.

KPMG New Zealand Partner and Head of Government Services, Souella Cumming, says “Now is the time for all businesses to reap the benefits of eInvoicing. We’re delighted to be leading the way as an early adopter of this important initiative"

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Last updated: 02 May 2022