eInvoicing creates opportunities for homegrown business

Sending eInvoices to Government has been an effortless path to faster payment for Tailor Made Solutions, an independent security solution provider.

Gavin O’Hara imageTailor Made Solutions is an approved provider of fog cannons within the Government subsidy scheme, aimed at assisting small retailers to help protect them from aggravated robbery.

They started sending the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) eInvoices from the get-go. Since May 2023, they’ve sent over 100 eInvoices. Company head, Gavin O’Hara, describes the experience as “excellent.”

“Within Xero, it’s easy to generate and send eInvoices. It’s more secure and payment from MBIE has been fast. It’s so simple and straightforward. We found it easy to generate an invoice, following our usual process, and then send it as an eInvoice instead of a PDF. It’s all gone perfectly! We’ve had no issues with invoices getting lost or being paid late. In fact, we’re getting paid much faster than expected – sometimes as quickly as within 7 days.”

As of January 2024, MBIE is the only customer Tailor Made Solutions is currently sending eInvoices to. Given the benefits and how easy they’ve found it, Gavin agrees there’s an opportunity for them to send eInvoices to their other business customers.

While Tailor Made Solutions has begun realising the benefits of eInvoicing, they also expect to reduce their administration burden by eventually receiving eInvoices from their suppliers. Gavin said that registering to receive eInvoices in their Xero account was a two minute job – easy as!

Gavin is keen to continue their eInvoicing journey with all organisations they do business with. Are you next?

Last updated: 13 May 2024