Sending eInvoices a milestone moment for OfficeMax

Sending eInvoices has been a “milestone moment” for workplace and education specialists OfficeMax, enhancing internal processes, providing cost efficiencies, and benefiting customers and partners alike.

Ben Norrie imageOfficeMax supplies more than 30,000 customers with technology, furniture, safety, PPE, cafe, education, packaging, cleaning, and hygiene products. 

For OfficeMax, the decision to start sending eInvoices through the Peppol eInvoicing network in 2023 was a no-brainer. “Utilising this innovative invoicing solution was an opportunity to accelerate the company’s ongoing digital transformation,” says OfficeMax New Zealand Chief Financial Officer, Ben Norrie.

According to OfficeMax, the major advantages of eInvoicing include seamless cross-border and cross-sector integration, and overall simplification.

“eInvoicing has delivered cost and operational efficiencies and significantly reduced our expenses related to traditional paper-based invoicing. It has streamlined processes through generating and sending invoices electronically, resulting in quicker accounts receivables.”

“The security of the eInvoicing network and reduced risk of errors associated with manual data entry are also key advantages, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of invoice data, and reducing disputes and payment delays.

“We can rely on the network’s security measures to protect sensitive invoice information, providing a secure channel for invoicing. And eInvoicing is aligned with our commitment to environmental responsibility, reducing paper consumption and minimising the need for physical transportation of invoices.”

“Ultimately, eInvoicing has been a real milestone moment for invoicing at OfficeMax. It has helped us to standardise procedures and secure documents without becoming hard to access. The overall experience has been great for OfficeMax, and a positive experience for our customers and partners too.”

OfficeMax New Zealand Chief Financial Officer, Ben Norrie

OfficeMax has taken a rigorous approach to shifting to eInvoicing. This has involved testing with various government agencies to ensure that all information being transacted with was being loaded successfully and without issues on the customer’s end.

OfficeMax has prioritised sending eInvoices to customers who have opted to receive them. While this began with Government, customers in the private sector have started setting up eInvoicing too.

So far, OfficeMax has sent more than two thousand  eInvoices to eInvoicing-enabled customers since adopting the technology and is committed to growing this number. 

Last updated: 13 May 2024