MindMeld Coaching – a small NZ business embracing eInvoicing

As a small business owner, Brenda Ratcliff is putting her best foot forward to adopt and realise the benefits of new technology to streamline her business processes.

MindMeld Coaching logoBrenda runs MindMeld Coaching, a successful leadership training and coaching business with many government clients. MindMeld was one of the first businesses to send eInvoices to the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) during the pilot phase.

She has been sending eInvoices to MBIE since early 2022 and started sending eInvoices to other government agencies shortly afterwards. Brenda is a big fan of eInvoicing because of the overall experience – no more paper-based or PDF invoices, no more manual data entry, improved accuracy and security, reduced process time and speedier payments.

Brend from Mind Meld Coaching“As a small business, I am very grateful,” says Brenda.

"I get paid much faster!”

“There is much less chasing up of unpaid invoices, which tend to happen when I’ve emailed a PDF invoice rather than an eInvoice.”

Brenda goes on to say that the process of setting up and sending eInvoices was easy in Xero. Like anything new, she acknowledged there were a few teething issues. Once these were overcome, should found the process smoother and is now paid much faster.

“eInvoicing just makes life easier. Overall, the experience has been fantastic.”

Based on this, Brenda has taken the next step and registered to receive eInvoices herself. In doing so, she is helping her trading partners to also benefit from eInvoicing. She proactively asks other government clients if they can accept eInvoices from her business. Brenda used MBIE’s list of eInvoicing enabled government agencies to identify who to begin exchanging eInvoices with.

This was well received. In one instance, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet was thrilled when she approached them. It turns out that MindMeld was their first supplier to send them an eInvoice.

Brenda now sends eInvoices to 3 government agencies and is actively seeking further opportunities with her other government and business clients, as awareness and understanding of the benefits of eInvoicing continues to grow.

“Seeing more information about eInvoicing in the business.govt.nz emails has motivated me to read the content and see what other tools and opportunities are available for small businesses like mine.”

“I highly recommend that all government agencies and businesses get their support staff and office managers across eInvoicing!”

eInvoicing enabled government agencies

MindMeld Coaching's eInvoicing story

Last updated: 01 May 2024