eInvoicing statistics

The latest eInvoicing statistics for August 2023.

eInvoicing dashboard – August 2023

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A high-volume supplier to MBIE completed their contract last month and contributed to an overall dip in eInvoice volumes for the month.

Volumes are expected to increase significantly in the lead up to Christmas as many organisations in the recruitment sector are on track to start sending to government.

Research on the effectiveness of the eInvoicing advertising and marketing campaign was recently completed by Kantar Public. More New Zealand businesses are aware of, and understand, eInvoicing. High level results:

  • 30% of businesses are aware of eInvoicing and correctly understand what it is (up from 22% in 2022).
  • 25% of businesses understand the benefits of eInvoicing (up from 14%).
  • 16% of businesses know how to enable eInvoicing for their business.

The eInvoicing team hosted community of practice events for large businesses and central government agencies.

Businesses registered (monthly cumulative)

Chart image showing Businesses registered from April 2022 to August 2023. Full chart description and data table found below.

eInvoices received (monthly)

Chart image showing monthly eInvoices recieved from August 2022 to July 2023. Full chart description and table data found below.

Businesses registered to receive eInvoices

Infographic showing eInvoicing statistics for July 2023. Full infographic description and data below.
Last updated: 03 October 2023