eInvoicing statistics

The latest eInvoicing statistics for October 2023.

eInvoicing dashboard graphic. eInvoicing statistics for October 2023. Full descriptive breakdown of each chart below.

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  • eInvoice volumes and active eInvoice senders continue to grow month on month.

  • There is consistent growth in our targeted sectors (recruitment and construction). The recruitment sector is forecast for further growth in the coming months as a major software provider, who provides timesheet solutions, is due to provide eInvoicing capability. Construction sector registrations are now being captured in this report.

  • The eInvoicing team presented at a webinar hosted by PWC with representatives from approximately 150 organisations. Attendees were engaged with many having already commenced their eInvoicing journeys.

  • Spark New Zealand and ACC are the most recent large organisations in the adoption leaders’ group to become eInvoicing receive capable. This group continues to be highly engaged in eInvoicing implementation and are leading the way for New Zealand businesses.

Businesses registered (monthly cumulative)

Chart image showing Businesses registered from May 2022 to October 2023. Full chart description and data table found below.

eInvoices received (monthly)

Chart image showing monthly eInvoices recieved from December 2022 to September 2023. Full chart description and table data found below.

Businesses registered to receive eInvoices

Infographic showing eInvoicing statistics for October 2023. Full infographic description and data below.
Last updated: 16 November 2023