Japan seeks MBIE’s eInvoicing adoption expertise

Published: 14 February 2024

In early February the Director of Digital Agency and Cabinet Secretariat Hiroyuki Kato (Kato-san), from the Japanese government, met with MBIE’s eInvoicing team to learn how the team is growing adoption of eInvoicing in NZ.

Kato-san is responsible for managing Japan’s eInvoicing programme. Since Japan has only begun its eInvoicing journey, he wanted to talk to those who are further along and are currently recording some of the highest percentage growth per month internationally – like New Zealand.

Kato-san was eager to learn how New Zealand has been achieving eInvoicing adoption, as well as make connections with key service providers. 

MBIE’s eInvoicing team provided their strategy, insights, and learnings, and facilitated meetings with other external stakeholders for Kato-san. As well as meeting the eInvoicing team, Kato-san was also impressed by Stout St’s waiata session.

4 men in business suits stand outside the Beehive building

Left to right: Craig Smith, Hiroyuki Kato, Michael Alp and Alan Carnaby stand outside the Beehive.