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Published: 01 June 2024

eInvoicing is the smarter, smoother and safer way to invoice. Thousands of small businesses, leading New Zealand businesses and Government agencies are adopting this new way of invoicing.

eInvoicing is the digital exchange of invoice information directly between buyers’ and suppliers’ financial systems, even if these systems are different.

With less manual handling and processing, it can reduce admin, errors, and delays – and help speed up processing and payment, to improve business cash flow.

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It’s easy to get set up with Xero or MYOB

Xero Business Edition and MYOB Business and AccountRight users can easily send and receive eInvoices now, and it’s free! Watch eInvoicing in action using Xero and MYOB – you’ll see how easy it is. Or check out their websites for instructions on how to get started.

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Watch: How to get set up with eInvoicing, for Xero and MYOB users

Watch: How to get set up with eInvoicing, for Xero and MYOB users